Tuesday, 24 February 2009

What a tosser!

Sorry about the title - couldn't resist! Happy Pancake Day everyone - this is of course my lovely hubby Tim, tossing our pancakes for Shrove Tuesday, the pancake is actually out of shot, somewhere between the pan and the ceiling (hopefully not on the ceiling!)

It is also my one year blogiversary tomorrow - where has the last year gone to? To celebrate I will be doing a little giveaway, which I will draw in a week or so's time. A pretty little package of goodies will wing its way to the lucky winner! - It would be lovely to hear from you all, so come on, even if you're usually just a lurker, let yourself be known - you never know you might be the lucky winner. To add to the fun, simply tell me something you could not live without (and you are not allowed to include family or friends!)
Be back next week with the results!

Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Sunday: Fun with yarn

On Sunday, with a few hours to relax and do as I please, I felt like I wanted to make something, It has been a while since I knitted or crocheted anything and I decided to do a bit of both. I had seen the tutorial over on Lucy's blog and thought I would have a go, and without really knowing how, I managed to create these cute little flowers. Lucy's instructions are so well written and the photos so clear, that I honestly think anyone could make them - so thank you Lucy!
Although the flowers are very pretty, I don't yet know what will become of them, but it did give me the idea that I would like them to adorn an item of clothing, and so in a few hours I knocked up this hat for Georgia, It has a deep rib which tuns up and the rest of the hat is knitted in double moss stitch. I added two of these little flowers in the same colour as the hat, this time with a button in the centre. It was a very satisfying project combining both knitting and crochet, not bad to say 6 months ago I didn't even know how to hold a crochet hook!

I have a feeling that these little flowers are going to be turning up everywhere from now on!

Thursday, 12 February 2009

The little things that make me happy!

A lovely roaring fire when its snowing outside

A cheery vase of daffodils giving a glimpse of the Spring to come

A Little treat to myself - my new Cath Kidston travel purse

Lovely new catalogues to browse.

Sorry I've not been around much lately but there have been some major changes here in the Summer by the Sea household. Just after christmas I was offered a job interview out of the blue, a job related to the kind of work I used to do ages ago had come up and they thought of me - After much deliberation I decided to take the job although it would mean big changes, it is a good salary and with things as they are in the retail industry, I thought it couldn't hurt to have some of our eggs in a different basket. I am only 3 weeks in, but things are going ok so far - I am quite tired as I am still working 2 days in the shop, so Sundays are to be cherished, and hubby has had to adapt as well, now doing most of the childcare whilst trying to run the shop on his own for the 4 days I am at work. It has also meant some other changes as well, once a self confessed train virgin, I now find myself hopping on 08.11 train every morning with confidence. Evenings so far have been a blur of household jobs before falling into bed around 11pm exhausted but hopefully as the weeks go on, our new routine will start to become easier.

We have added a blog feature to our website now and seem to be moving up the google rankings, we have had quite a few orders and as soon as we find the time we have a pile of about 50 more fabrics to upload to the site.

Finally it is coming up to my one year blogiversary (on the 25th Feb) so I may do something special then, maybe a little giveaway?! Which leads me on to the Valentine swap - I am so sorry I missed out there, I typed a response to add my name to the list of participants, but it obviously never registered, and when I logged on to see who I was paired with, I wasn't there (boo hoo) I had even started making/collecting bits to pop in my parcel, so if anyone else missed out and would like to do a belated valentine swap please let me know!

Take care everyone - Natalie x