Monday, 6 April 2009


I just love Springtime - its there on my sidebar as one of my favourite things, and I think I love Easter almost as much as Christmas. Perhaps its the prospect of not one, but two bank holidays, or maybe its when we start looking forward to warmer weather and lighter evenings - but whatever it is, this time of year is flippin fantastic!
If you cross over the road from my house and go down the road for about a minute you come to this lovely path, known as 'Martins Ravine'......

which leads directly to this......

Sunday was gorgeous here, usually there is quite a bit of a breeze on the beach but it was sunny and dare I say it? - almost warm!
There was plenty of sandcastle making to be done and plenty of this too....

So now I have 8 glorious days off work - there is so much I want to do, Projects I want to crack on with and places I want to visit. I started as soon as I came in from work today by arranging this little easter display in our hallway. I am quite pleased with it, but think I will add a pretty potted primula and a basket of mini eggs (bet they won't last long!)

There has also been a little more crochet done too....

I can't wait!
Natalie x
P.S - Thank you to everyone for your kind comments on Callum's birthday, he read them all and we were all touched by your kind words and well wishes, you are such a friendly bunch and I feel lucky to have your friendship

Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Happy Birthday Callum!

Tomorrow is my lovely Callum's 11th Birthday - wow! where have the last 11 years gone? it seems like only yesterday that I was cradling my firstborn and now I am getting ready to pack him off to 'big school' later this year. Wouldn't it be nice to step back in time just for a day to re-live those days?
Callum - you are growing into such a special young man, who never fails to make us proud - we always know that when we go to your parent evenings that the teachers will have nothing but praise for you, we are sure you will go far and we thank you for being no trouble to us (yet!) - long may that continue! I love how you always have a kiss for me when I leave for work and again when I get home, and although your now too old to hold hands with me in public (embarrassing) I know you would do anything to make us happy. Thank you for being a wonderful son and for always doing your best
Love you lots - Mum and Dad x x x x x