Thursday, 1 October 2009

Race Results and a Tour round my new home

I did it (The Great North Run that is!) I have purposely waited before writing this post, hoping that I could add one of the official photos from the race, as there are photographers all around the course - but hence - No! - There is not a single photo of me to prove I was even there, all I can assume is that I was so fast that all the cameras could capture was a passing blur!
Neither did my poor long suffering hubby Tim manage to get any evidence, after dropping me off in Newcastle Town Centre at 9.15am, he drove to South Shields (the finishing line) as suggested by the race organisers, but didn't get there till 1.30pm - some 10 minutes or so after I had finished - makes me think it would have been quicker to run!!!
Anyway, I know you are all dying to know - well, I got round in 2hrs 25 minutes, I must say I'm a little disappointed, but it was very warm and due to the numbers taking part, it was pretty congested in parts and hard to run at a constant pace (enough of the excuses now!)
I thought you would like a little look round my (new) home, I say it like that, because we have lived here before, but it has been rented out for the past 3 years. It has needed lots of cleaning, decorating and TLC, but the lounge is almost finished

Just need to get some curtains and cushions make up in a lovely duck egg crushed velvet I sell in my shop and we will be done (Oh, and I need to hide those wires poking out from under the sideboard - visible wires is a pet hate!

The bedroom is on its way too - I would like a white leather buttoned headboard and am saving up for some of that mirrored furniture that is everywhere at the moment.
So, I am settling back in very well - I said to hubby yesterday that I feel like I have got some of the old me back, as nice as Filey was, being close to the sea and all that, it wasn't for me and didn't allow me to be myself. I have actually only driven twice in the past 3 years, because there wasn't really much need, but for that same reason I felt a bit too closed in. Tim has been away this week and has left me the car, so its been quite nice, getting used to driving again and feeling like the old me! - Anyway enough of the mad ramble and a big thanks again to those who sponsored me and supported the charity "Beating Bowel Cancer" I have raised almost £300 so far, but I'm still collecting, so If you would like to donate a pound or two, the link is in my sidebar - Bye for now
Natalie x