Thursday, 18 June 2009

Keeping Shop

As you will no doubt know by now, I run a little shop in Filey called 'Georgia Bo Interiors' named after my 3 year old daughter (Don't you know all the best shops have girls names - just think 'Laura Ashley!') anyway speaking of Laura Ashley, we have just had a beautiful new range of fabrics into the shop all in the Laura Ashley style, lots of really beautiful linen mix fabrics and subtle florals, checks and ticking stripes. I re-did the shop window yesterday, using some of these fabrics, but you can't see them very clearly on the photo so you'll have to take my word for it!
Business definitely seems to have picked up with quite a pace this last week or so, I'm not going to jump the gun and predict that the economic tide is turning, but for small business owners like myself, it's definitely a good sign.

The pincushions and hearts continue to be a good seller, the five I showed you on the post before last were all snapped up, so last night saw me sitting down to polish off another 10 - these ones have a crochet flower in the centre.

And here they are in the window!
We are off back to South Yorkshire this weekend - Dad's to visit and all that - we are all looking forward to a relaxing weekend, we have a BBQ planned for Sunday which we will spend at my Mum and Dads with the in-laws there too, so lets keep our fingers crossed for warm weather!
Have a good weekend everyone - Natalie x

Monday, 15 June 2009

Cushiony Crochet!

Well, I have been busy again with these round crocheted cushions - there is something so theraputic about going round in circles and the flowers and frill are a satisfying way to finish it off - however there are only so many of these pretty cushions one can adorn ones house with - so these two are for sale - £15 each plus £2 p&p - If you would like one, please e-mail me and I will send you a paypal invoice. I am also happy to make these to order in any colours of your choice

The pink one is a paler pink on top and a darker strawberry pink underneath - it has a cream frill

The blue one is a pale blue on top and cream underneath with a cream frill
Hope you like these as much as I do
Natalie x

Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Keeping Busy and Pretty Things

Well, its taken a while but I think my mojo is coming back! - Thank you to all who left kind messages after my last post, its nice to know that so many people care. Anyway - anyone else wish the sun would come back? - that will be all of us then! - No sooner had I got used to wearing my white linen trousers, I have had to put them back in my wardbrobe in favour of warmer gear - Oh to live in England, and our great British 'summer time'
I have been busy as you can see, making another batch of pincushions which I sell in my shop, I have also been doing a lot of crochet too, but I will save that for another post.

I also made a little purchase this week from the Charity Shop (well, I use the word 'I' loosly, in actual fact what happened was I sent darling Hubby into the charity shop to make aforementioned purchase for me!) - You can't see on the photo very well, but the dress is a really vibrant emerald green and white print with a lovely cerise sash. It cost just £4 and is 100% silk - Bargain!

Next is this lovely Aynsley posy ornament which mum found when she was sorting out my Grandmas things, and she knew I would like it, and also this lovely china posy brooch, also a gift from my mum

Finally, I know so many of you are a fan of hand embroidery, so I thought I would show you this gorgeous bolster cushion which my mum made for me a month or two ago, she has even embroidered a lovely personal message on the reverse. Isn't it pretty? It sits on my bed at the moment and I get pleasure every time I look at it.

Well, that's about it from me for the time being, the training for the half marathon is still going well and I am running about 5 miles at a time now roughly 3 or 4 times a week, I can feel myself getting fitter and that is motivating me to keep on, even though sometimes when I get in from work, running 5 miles is the last thing I want to do!
See you all again soon, and in the meantime cross your fingers for some sunshine!