Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Back in the Crochet Saddle!

I have realised recently that I don't seem to have been devoting too much time to me recently. By 'me' I mean spending the time doing the things I love - mainly reading, crafting and running.
So I have made a conscious decision to try and fit more of this into my life and started by doing a bit of crochet. For those of you that have read my blog before, you will know that I taught myself to crochet a couple of years ago, but so far I have limited myself to cushions and granny squares, so it was a pleasure to have a go at making something from a pattern, and here's what I came up with

It was really nice to make something that will be very useful at this time of year too (plus it matches her coat!)
I got the pattern from this book, and to say it is the first time I have followed a pattern, I found it really easy to follow!

The snow continues to fall here, and only 25 days to Christmas - lots to look forward to!

Friday, 21 May 2010

I'm Back!

Well, Its been a while since I blogged, 4 months to be more precise - Where is this year going? it seems to be flying by at a rate of knots. There have been many reasons for my prolonged absence - work and settling back into a routine at Doncaster have been mainly to blame, but also, for a while, I think I lost my sense of 'self' - All of a sudden 'Summer By The Sea' didn't seem so apt and I almost felt like I had nothing left to blog about. But then I realized that whilst my location may have changed, I hadn't and I still do all the things I did before, only a little more inland, so while my posts may still be sporadic, I will try to post regularly as I do miss all your comments and friendship!
I won't bore you with the day job, but I have been very busy setting up my new Ebay shop 'Pretty*Lifestyles'

Here I will be selling a variety of Shabby Chic, French Style items all of which must firstly be 'pretty' enough to grace my site!

Since the site is very new, I really need to get some feedback behind me, so for a short time, anyone who buys from my shop will receive a free gift as a thank you for helping me to build my feedback - How can you resist?

You can find my shop here
We have also been very busy with our other business 'Georgia Bo Interiors' - we are planning an overhaul of the website soon - updating it with some new colours, photos and fabrics - we stock a lot of made to measure curtains that are available from Next and M&S and seem to be doing quite well off the back of that - Our curtains are made in exactly the same place as theirs are, to the same high quality only ours are more competitively priced.
Last week saw my little girl turn 4 - I can't believe how quickly the last 4 years have gone by - she starts school in September - already! - it feels far too soon although she is more than ready.

She was very pleased with her 'Rock Star' guitar!
Finally, my hubbie has also been busy building a course, bringing together his 20+ years of experience, the next 'Success Mentor' course will run in June, so If you know anyone who would benefit from a little direction in their lives or help to succeed and make the most of their life - point them in Tim's direction - you can find out more about Success Mentor here
Anyway, thats enough for today - But I promise I will be back soon
Natalie x

Sunday, 17 January 2010

Welcome 2010

Well, its been a while I have to say and after much bullying (in a nice way of course) by my sister Tracy @ Sewn Up - I decided it was about time I posted again.
We had a very lovely Christmas and the New Year saw both my hubby and me celebrating our birthdays - For once, we had a joint party which was great fun!
I'm afraid there has not been any crafting to speak of lately, I have just been too busy with other things, children, the house, and settling back into a new routine in Doncaster. - But I am getting that crafty itch I need to scratch soon though, so watch this space!
One thing I have done recently is become a trader for Phoenix cards. If you have not heard of them, they sell beautiful greetings cards, gift wrap and stationery at only £1 each.

It was a perfect way for me to make new friends and meet new people, especially with all 3 of my children starting new schools, and I also held a 'card party' for friends and neighbours as a good way to re-integrate myself back with my neighbours.
If anyone is interested in receiving a catalogue, please just e-mail me at nlhowlett@btinternet.com and I will be very happy to pop you one in the post.
So what will my first crafty project of 2010 be? Well, I fancy making a door stop for my hallway and also have an idea for something I want to make for my little girl, just need to get my backside in gear!
Happy New Year to you all xxx