Wednesday, 27 February 2008

My Ebay find!

Well, here is the cabinet I won off Ebay, I collected it last weekend which turned out to be a really nice drive about an hour away from home, through some gorgeous countryside. It has been painted with a Crown 'period' eggshell (can't remember which one) and is actually creamier than the picture shows. The kitchen really is a 'make do and mend' at the moment, the previous owners had painted the walls pillar box red and the ceiling egg yolk yellow. As soon as we moved in, we gave it all a coat of white so we could take our sunglasses off! But I'm now thinking of painting it a soft sage colour. Sometime in the future we will be extending the kitchen and installing a new one, until then we will maybe change the tiles and worktops and maybe I can live with it for a few years. 


Rachelle said...

Ebay has some real gems sometimes...its a great looking cabinet....Good Luck with you blog I have just started mine and have got quite addicted! Rx

Country Cottage Chic said...

That's a really pretty cupboard! My kitchen is painted sage green & I love it.


serendipitylovesnewyork said...

Hi welcome to blogland, I've reached you via the lovely Buttercup and Roses, I love your ebay cupboard, can't wait to see picks of your little girls room , I bet it will be gorgeous. I'm moving house shortly so will be showing lots of before pics on mine xx

Sharon J said...

Our kitchen is an awful mango colour but at least the ceiling's white even though it's been partly replastered and left unpainted. It isn't pretty. Oddly enough, I'm also going with a soft sage colour :) The cupboards will be cream with wood surfaces and wood floor. Like yours, it's a work in progress.

The ebay cupboard's beautiful. Wish I could find something like that locally but everything I see is always on the other side of the country.