Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Happy Birthday Callum!

Couldn't resist! - My little boy Callum (pictured next to me in the photo) is ten today. The boys often have a sneaky read of my 'website' (as they call it) so thought this would be a lovely opportunity to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY CAL! - I cannot believe you are ten already, but we just want to you to know that you are growing into a lovely young man, so kind and considerate (although not too generous when it comes to sharing your chocolate!) and we are so proud of you - love Mum and Dad x x 

The fact that I have a ten year old, did set me on a path of reminiscing though, thinking back over the last ten years, starting when I was just a girl of 24! Thinking about all the places I have visited, all the houses I have lived in, all the jobs I have had, and all the changes there have been in general - and it made me wonder what the next ten years will have in store for me - it seems like a long way away, but then I remember how quickly the last ten years has passed.

Anyway, Thats enough for now and if you are wondering why my hair looks a bit plastered to my head in the photo, it is because we have been to Waterworld in York today swimming, which was mad - it being half term, the pool was packed! - We then went onto Frankie and Bennys for lunch, which is where the photo was taken. 

I will pop by later in the week to do another post, as I have some photos to show you of lovely things I have received in the post, as well as news on the 'Pay it Forward' giveaway I will be doing. I have also been tagged, so I need a couple of days to think of 7 interesting things about myself! - Georgia's carpet has been ordered and is being fitted early next week, so there will also be photos of that to post - Bye for Now x 


serendipitylovesnewyork said...

Happy Birthday Callum, what gorgeous boys you have (+ Georgia) just like their mum, sounds like you had a great day out!! Doesn't the time go fast when you have children, my oldest is nine this year, I don't think he was ever a x

periwinkle said...

Happy Birthday Callum, hope you had a lovely day. Looking forward to seeing the new pics
Lisa x

Vanessa said...

Happy Birthday Callum!

I bet it was a good kind of hell today in the pool! I was reminiscing today with my friend about the birth of my daughter, as she has only 2 weeks before her baby is due. It seemed like yesterday when I was telling her about it, then I picked up my stroppy 3 year year old from Pre-school on I realised how time flies.

Wild Rose said...

Birthday greetings from Canada ~ Happy Birthday Callum!

Marie x

debbie said...

happy birthday Callum!! Sounds like you had a lovely day Natalie :) Looking forward to seeing the photos of the bedroom update :)


driftwood said...

Happy Birthday Callum!

wow you braved waterworld in the school holidays, you're braver than me!

julia said...

Happy Birthday Callum, don't the years just fly by!
Julia x

shabby chic said...

happy birthday callum!. very handsome lads . Sounds like you had lots of fun!
The paint i used was crown period colour for wood & metal it is called flagon or flavon .I really rate it and the coverage was brilliant two coats on each door and managed to do two doors. I used every last drop too! I was really pleased at not having to get new doors and revamping the ones I had. You wont be dissapointed with the colour either

shabby chic said...

ps georgias wallpaper is lovely .


Happy Birthday Callum, double figures, I hope you had a great day! Natalie, ten years is not that far away, take my word for it, I've got to 43 in a flash! x

Miss sew n sew said...

Happy Birthay Callum! You must be a proud mum that's a lovely photo bet he will love being on your web site! Glad you enjoyed your day I know where does time go it's scary - you have so much more to look forward to!
Sarah x

wendster said...

Happy Birthday Callum!

I have one turning 19 in May! I know that time flew by faster than I imagined it could.

Sounds like you had a fun time. I'd love to see pictures of the water park.


Pixiedust said...

Happy Birthday Callum!

I've just found your blog, what a great read. I lurve the bunnies, I collect artist bears and my sister in law makes them, but I have been looking for a cloth bunny for ages. Are you making them to sell?
Take Care Pixiedust. xx

periwinkle said...

Just in reply to your comment-this is my 1st applique attempt and I keep upsetting Hub as the web keeps sticking up the iron. Oops. Give it a go-its very rewarding
Lisa x

twiggypeasticks said...

Glad you had fun, check out my blog, you've been tagged
Twiggy x

Suzie Sews said...

Happy Birthday to your young man, my little babe was 9 last month and I am still inshock...I was told how quick the time would go..but I never believed them!!!

debbie said...

natalie ive tried emailing you back but its coming back as undeliverable :( do you have another email addy i can use?


Curlew Country said...

Hi Natalie, what a happy birthday!
Time is flying by for me too, can't believe my oldest is entering his last term in reception class. Waterworld, fantastic treat.
P.S. if you do fancy getting some waterproofs, give Lidl a try if you've got one nearby. A bit grim I know but my mum loves their bargains and picked up a set of waterproof trousers and jacket for B last week for £6! They're very good quality and fit a treat. A's all-in-one was from an outdoor shop I think. Bit of a maul to get him into but worth it to avoid soggy bottoms! Have smashing weekx

Garden girl said...

Hope Callum had a love birthday..ahh, to be ten again!x

คนขับช้า said...

Happy Birthday too.
Have a nice day.

PS. I like movie Pretty Woman same as you then I come to this blog.

Nice to meet you.