Monday, 11 August 2008

One Weekend, Two Parties, One tired Mummy!

This weekend saw us shut up shop and travel to Sheffield for my Nieces first birthday party. We had a lovely time, it was great to see all the family again and catch up on everyones news. My sister loved the cushion I had made for Sophia, which I showed you recently, and my Grandma was especially pleased to see us all again - I mean this literally, as she has just had a cataract operation on one eye and can't believe how well she can see now, she is waiting to see if she can have the other eye done now, it has made a great difference to her quality of life, as her eyesight was so poor, she was classed as partially blind. My Grandma is 91 years old, and has 4 Great Grandchildren (3 of them belong to me, the little one is Sophia, my sisters little girl)

I am sure you will agree that she looks great, I am going to blow this picture up and send it to her.
This next picture is my boys enjoying the party - they look like they are having fun don't they?

On Saturday evening, we stayed at Tim's Dads house in Rotherham, and on Sunday we were invited to a BBQ at some friends of theirs, back in Sheffield! - It was their grandaughter's birthday and although the weather wasn't forecast to be very good, it actually surprised us for a change. The kids spent the day running round the garden, and Georgia spent most of her time on this little trampoline (I hope Father Christmas is taking note!)

By the end of the afternoon, we had three pairs of very dirty trousers, the boys were mainly caused by diving headfirst down the slide onto the lawn - Georgia's trousers started out white linen and ended up black, amazingly though, they have washed up nicely (the wonders of vanish spray eh?)
I couldn't resist taking a photo of these dirty feet though!

Before we left my Mum and Dads on Saturday, my Dad gave me a load of veg from his garden, some Courgettes, Beetroot and Runner Beans - We are having them for tea tonight with some Lamb chops and I am really looking forward to it.

I don't know what it is about parties, basically just sitting round talking, drinking and eating food that someone else has painstakingly prepared for you, but they can be really tiring - By the time we arrived back in Filey at 7.30pm on Sunday night, I was bushed!
And its the start of another week again - The forecast is not good (anyone else getting fed up of this weather?) so our evenings will probably have to be spent inside - At least its a good chance for me to carry on with the crochet - thank you to everyone for all your kind comments - I am pleased to say I have now completed 8 squares towards my blanket.
See you later in the week
Natalie x
P.S - I received my swap parcel on Friday from the cupcake and tea swap, so I will show you what goodies I received in my next post!


Miss sew n sew said...

What a busy weekend you had your kiddies look like they had a whale of a time! That's lovely news about your grandma she looks very happy in that photo! I wouldn't be without my tub of vanish either!
Have a good week!

The Fairy Glade said...

Hello, you are so lucky to still have your Nan, mine sadly never got to see my little Isabel. On the crochet front am still waiting to receive my book from Amazon but have dug out my hooks and some wool scraps. Watch this space..or at leat my blog for news and maybe pics if it is any good. Absolutely pouring down here, what is going on? Dev X

Petticoat Lane said...

What an exhausting week-end. I do love those weekend's though when the children just exhaust themselves with very little effort from myself!! Oh the wonders of the trampoline.....Hopefully father Christmas will assemble it AFTER he's come down the chimney (If he's taken note, of course!), otherwise he may still be there legs dangling come Christmas morning then how would I get my Cath Kidston Sewing box I've been dropping so many hints for?
P.S Thanks for stopping by my blog, I'm glad you didn't think I was cheating 'too much'!

quiltdude said...

As much as I love family weekends I agree that they can be very tiring, especially when you have little ones. But it did look like good fun.
X Clare

Pixiedust said...

Looks like you had a great weekend. Your granny looks great for 91. My mum has just been told she has very bad cataracts in both eyes and she's only 58. They've put her near the top of the waiting list to sort it. She can't drive or anything, so I'm a taxi at the moment. x

Chocolate Cat said...

Wow what a busy weekend!! but it looked so much fun. That is a lovely photo of your Nan with the great grandchildren, something to be treasured. My daughter often got very grubby at that age and I actually found lighter colors were easier to keep clean!! I bet the kids slept well on Sunday night!!

Pixiedust said...

Hi Natalie, I've left something for you on my blog. xx

Country Bliss said...

What a lovely photo of your gran with the children.Great trampoline shot too! I'm fed up with this weather too but surely it's got to get better soon.

Carolyn said...

looks like the kids having great time haha.. i can imagine after a whole day busy entertaining, cooking and all sorts..u just wanna get some ZZzzzz..
Cya, take care & have a nice sunday :-)

periwinkle said...

Looks like a good time was had by all and your grandma looks like a lovely lady.
lisa x

Josie said...

looks like everyone had a great time and the home grown veg look lovely, and well done with your crochet squares.
Josie x