Thursday, 9 October 2008

Tumble Driers, Haircuts and Granny Squares!

What a strange week it has been so far - nothing out of the ordinary has happened, but it just seems to have been a loooonnnngg week!
I have a couple of days off work now, the first in ages, I am off tomorrow to take delivery of a new tumble drier, my old one finally gave up the ghost at ten years old - probably decided it had had enough after years of being overworked! I have gone for a condenser tumble drier this time, as the siting of it is nowhere near a window, and have tried to find one as energy efficient as possible, but the best I could find has a 'C' rating.
The in-laws are also coming through tomorrow for a long weekend, so me and the hubby are taking advantage by having another night out - (the second this year - steady!) and I am having my hair cut and coloured on Saturday in preparation and am really looking forward to it.
My eldest son has joined the Filey Sea Cadets this year, which you can find out about here He is desperate to get his uniform, but I must admit to being a bit concerned when he announced after one session that he thinks he might like to join the Navy - he is only 10!

Thank you to everyone who had a look at my new website and was kind enough to leave a comment, it seems from your comments that we have achieved what we set out to do which was create a clean looking, easy to navigate website which was free from gimmicks. We will be advertising in the christmas issue of Ideal Home magazine, and each issue thereafter, so if you read Ideal Home, look out for us! I have done a little draw, and the winner was Kelly, so thank you very much Kelly (and everyone else) for taking the time to comment, and if you e mail me your address I will pop a little something in the post for you!
Finally, I can't go without letting you know about my Granny square progress, as you can see from the pictures, I have completed 29 and have another 16 which are waiting for the final two rounds of pink to be added, so that's 45 in total. I had originally intended for this to be a 56 square blanket, but I now have another plan for it, and so it may become bigger, but details of that in my next post.
Have a good weekend everyone - Natalie x


Lesley (Notesfrommydays) said...

congrats on the new dryer :-) i know they arent environmentally friendly but i couldnt manage without mine!! excellent work on the granny squares - i still havent yet started to learn how to crochet! Noticed you were reading "The Girls" have you finished it what did you think? i read it a few weeks ago :-)
Lesley x

Miss sew n sew said...

Enjoy your night out together and being pampered at the hairdressers! Catching up with your blog Georgias room is beautiful I love all your touches the wallpaper if gorgeous! Congrats with your website I hope it will be very successful for you!

Gigi said...

Ooooo, your granny squares look so pretty -- love the colors -- from what I can tell anyway ;-) -- can't wait to see them all come together.


pink-petal-designs said...

whooo Nat, look at your big pile of granny squares, loving the colours, i have about 25 done so far now.
Sarah x

Petticoat Lane said...

Hope you enjoyed your 'precious' night out. How we all take them for granted before the children come along!! Lesley and I were laughing yesterday about how we still always manage to get back so early even when we do get a night out!
Great Granny squares, can't wait to see it all finished.
Jane. xx

Attic24 said...

Ah Nat, your squares are coming along...pretty please could you lay them out and photo them so we can see the colours?? Or are you deliberately teasing us??
Hope your hair went well, and your night out, I'm still getting used to my new hairdo, it's caused me some anxiety by choosing to stick right up on end each morning, but hey-ho.
Nat...posting about ya later on...your birthday gifts arrived and were delicious, thank you so very very much, you are such a sweetheart

Katherines Dream said...

I dry the washing on my aga but as that is broke! no food and no dry clothes!
Wow, you have done so well with the granny have put me to shame. As I cannot move much at the moment I should get on with it, and finish my book and embroidery. But no, here I am trying to catch up with all my blog friends...good fun though.

Suzie Sews said...

them squares are coming on...I feel inspired to get mine goiing again...

saraeden said...

I know what you mean about buying a tumble dryer with 4 kidlets we had to have one but finding a low energy one was a struggle !!
Good luck with the ideal home advert i shall keep a look out for it !!

Sara x

This Vintage Life... said...

Your granny squares look great already! Can't wait to see the finished product
Deb x