Sunday, 28 December 2008

Happy Birthday Nuggs

My little boy turned 9 today. How time flies! It seems like only last year, let alone 9 years ago that I spent my christmas on the edge of my seat with a baby who was too laid back to arrive on time and entered the world 10 days late and 9lb 2oz.
Nathaniel Joseph was named so, because the meaning of Nathaniel translates to 'Gods Gift' and Joseph means 'Second Son' so it seemed a perfectly fitting choice, his nickname of Nuggs came around the age of 3, due to his love of chicken Nuggets and boy has it stuck, even his teachers and school mates know him as Nuggs!
Nathaniel was the perfect baby, so laid back, he made no fuss and always had a cheeky smile on his face. I can't believe that the boy sitting on my sofa right now, looking so grown up and playing with his new ipod shuffle is that same little boy who sucked his fingers and never let pooh bear out of his sight.
Nathaniel, you are an absolute joy to your dad and me, so loving and so generous - and clever too (well done for coming top of the class in your recent maths test!) The dedication you show when you are doing something that interests you like the 5 hours you spent building Indiana Jones aeroplane out of lego is amazing - Don't ever change - we love you just how you are - Happy Birthday x x x x x x


Josie said...

aww - happy birthday! time flies, I know what you mean, my son is 21 next month!
I hope you all had a happy christmas
Josie x

MelMel said...

Happy birthday to the little un!

Daisie said...

Happy Birthday Nathaniel! My little Nathaniel is only 18 months and that seems like yesterday, time does go by scarily fast. Blimey when he's 9 his biggest sister will be 14, argh!!!!

Lazylol said...

Happy Birthday to your boy.

Time really does fly by, my youngest is 18 next week - eek!

I am planning on making some cushions for the caravan with the fabric I bought from your shop - but at the moment it is in my stash.

lou said...

Happy birthday Nuggs!!!

They grow up so quick, my oldest is taller than his dad.

love Lou xxx

Gem said...

Hope you son had a fabby birthday :)

Rosesposes said...

Happy birthday to your little lad. They love lego, I just dont like trading on it!. Your lounge looks lovely xx

saraeden said...

Sending a belated Happy Birthday !! I hope Nathaniel had a great day

Its amazing how quick they grow up my eldest boy is 22 this year and the baby is 8 ... how did that happen so fast !!!!

Sara x