Sunday, 17 January 2010

Welcome 2010

Well, its been a while I have to say and after much bullying (in a nice way of course) by my sister Tracy @ Sewn Up - I decided it was about time I posted again.
We had a very lovely Christmas and the New Year saw both my hubby and me celebrating our birthdays - For once, we had a joint party which was great fun!
I'm afraid there has not been any crafting to speak of lately, I have just been too busy with other things, children, the house, and settling back into a new routine in Doncaster. - But I am getting that crafty itch I need to scratch soon though, so watch this space!
One thing I have done recently is become a trader for Phoenix cards. If you have not heard of them, they sell beautiful greetings cards, gift wrap and stationery at only £1 each.

It was a perfect way for me to make new friends and meet new people, especially with all 3 of my children starting new schools, and I also held a 'card party' for friends and neighbours as a good way to re-integrate myself back with my neighbours.
If anyone is interested in receiving a catalogue, please just e-mail me at and I will be very happy to pop you one in the post.
So what will my first crafty project of 2010 be? Well, I fancy making a door stop for my hallway and also have an idea for something I want to make for my little girl, just need to get my backside in gear!
Happy New Year to you all xxx


Summer Blue said...

Welcome back!! Great to hear from you and see that you're settling into your new/old life.
Good luck with Pheonix cards, my friend Claire is a trader and loves it, the cards are great quality too. What a great idea to meet new people.
I look forward to seeing your new projects!
Take care,
Jane. x

Lydia said...

Hello -

Looked for you & now found you again, via Lesley.. Goodness, you have been busy! & the house looks stunning. Hope the children have settled into school ok too. Pheonix cards are lovely, have brought them myself in the past, all the best with selling hem! Don't mean to be cheeky, but do you still have the shop in Filey - or has it moved to Doncaster?

Love Lydia

Sewn Up said...

Good to see you back on the blogger.

Josie said...

welcome back! the cards look lovely
Josie x