Thursday, 6 March 2008

Well, this was the site that met me when I came home from work today! - Hubby had decided to take all the plaster off one of the walls in the room we are decorating for Georgia and as a result, the whole house looks like the aftermath of 9/11. There is a thick coating of dust and soot (from the chimney we've opened up) on everything! On the plus side, the ceiling and one of the walls you can't see have been skimmed and by tomorrow all the plastering should be done - looks like Hubby is in for a late night as he wanted to insulate the wall before he puts new plasterboards on - I get impatient with this bit and just want to get on with the nice stuff, such as this lovely pom pom trim that arrived today and is to go on the bottom of the roman blind I'm making for her room. It's been a quiet day today, I've popped bunny in the post to Vanessa at 'Just Originals' - I do hope she likes it! - I've also half made some bunting to go in my shop window, which I'll change this weekend, I'm going for a floral, fresh, springy theme this time - I love window dressing, and its nice to hear all the lovely comments about my window as people walk past. 
Natalie x


serendipitylovesnewyork said...

What a quick worker hubby is, it will be finished and ready for you to decorate before you know it, can't wait to see the results, I'd love to see pics of your shop and I'm sure everyone else would, you must be very talented if you make soft furnishings...i
Claire xx

Vanessa said...

I hate the mess bit in between, I wish I could just go away and when I return it would all be done! You sound as lucky as me in terms of a good DIY hubbo! My hubbo has just fixed our central heating as the controls had broke!

I also heard on the grapevine that during the summer floods your hubbo was super hero, he rescuded an old lady from a bungalow! I was asking my Mum tonight if she knew where your shop was and she said you did her blinds and your hubbo fitted them (11 Mitford Place). She said you were both lovely and from Sheffield which in her eyes was a good thing! (we are from Sheffield).

I'm ever so excited about the parcel arriving, I will get yours sent off probably after the weekend now!

driftwood said...

wow, that would be quite the suprise to come home to! sounds like it's going to be lovely, and that trim is gorgeous. I'd love to see photos of your shop too, and the things you make for it!

Lucy Bloom said...

Hi Natalie, thanks for stopping by my blog, nice to meet you. Oh the mess of DIY, we had an extension built last year and I thought I would go insane with the never-ending dirt and dust. We've still got a fair amount to do, but at least it's livable-in. And you run a shop, oh how wonderful, I'll bet it's hard work though, would love to see some pics of it sometime.
Have a good weekend,
Lucy x

Mary said...

Good luck with all your work I have been through the dust and plaster bit over last few months but it is so worthwhile when done I adore the "shabby chic" look I love old battered things that I can bring into our home I spend hours wondering about the people who once owned them. I'll be back for the after photos!

Wild Rose said...

Hi Natalie,

I imagine that you will be glad to get rid of all that dust!

Don't forget to send me your contact information, so that I can put a little parcel in the post.

Enjoy your weekend

Marie x

buttercup & roses said...

Hi Natalie,
Thanks for visiting my blog!

Men seem to have a great ability to create a real mess while us girls are out of the way..,you are not alone!

I love the bobble edging your going to use on the blind, gorgeous!

Would love to see some pics of your shop...

Jennifer x

ted and agnes said...

Gosh how I would love to come home to that amount of husband is rubbish at anything practical poor love but great at lots of other things..can't have it all can we!!!!

Like the pompoms

Kristy said...

My hubby is handy in the old demolition stakes too.If there is any loose plaster then he will find it and the whole wall usually ends up falling off! There is nothing like plaster and brick dust is there? It seems to hang around for ages.I remember when we did the kitchen the even the cereal tasted like plaster! Thankfully I think our replastering days are over.

Anonymous said...