Monday, 19 May 2008

New kitchen chairs & My new bag

I decided it was about time my kitchen chairs were recovered (again!) - The last covers had been on for almost 18 months and were a rather unsuitable colour choice of cream - 3 children flinging ketchup coated oven chips around and cream chairs don't mix! - I thought that oilcloth would be much more practical and so ordered this fetching pink spot from Cath Kidston. All in all, I am fairly pleased with the result, there is quite a bit of puckering where it bends around the corners, but the oilcloth is so thick, I think it is only to be expected. Lets see how well these covers do. When hubby saw them, he said to the boys "Hmm have you noticed boys how rather a lot of pink seems to be creeping into the kitchen?" (nodding towards the Typhoon mixing bowls, pink spot oven gloves, pink pasta container, and now... kitchen chairs) - It wasn't such a surprise to him then when I commented that our chairs now no longer matched with the roman blinds, and I would have to make some new ones!

Here is a bag I made last week, it is my first attempt at a bag and I think its great, I have my handbag, but generally take a load of other stuff with me to work such as any knitting I have on the go, reading book, notebook, diary - you get my drift. I made the bag with 2 hardwearing cottons I sell in my shop - all that is missing is a magnetic clasp I think.

Hope you are all enjoying the weather - I have been busy sorting and getting organised for our holiday in 10 days (can't wait). I had took another photo for 'corners of my home' but due to the bright sunshine this evening, the photo has come out too dark so I will try again another day - Natalie x


serendipitylovesnewyork said...

There's nothing wrong with a bit of pinkness around the, its funny as my boys are really anti girls ( words like yuk, mad, wierd are used when I ask them about the girls in their classes, of course it will all change once they realise how cool us girlies can be) they don't comment about my pink pretty things dotted around the house...bless them!!
Your bag looks fab and I recognise that fabric from somewhere?? I do still want it, just haven't got round to measuring anything, by the way the lovely sample you have sent me is now a dust rag...CAN YOU BELIEVE of the cheeky workmen in the new house used it to clean with even though it was with wallpaper and paint samples and clearly not with the cleaning rolls!!
Have a good week....Claire xx

karen said...

Hehehe My hubby made a rather abrupt comment to me the other day when he noticed that I had glossed the wood work in the kitchen pink. However he soon shut up when I Questioned how observant he was because I had actually done it two weeks ago lol
Thanks for another lovely comment on my blog hunni

periwinkle said...

Your bag looks great, I have ' make a bag' on my to do list. Where are you off on holiday?
Lisa x

Rosie said...

Hi Natalie,
Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. Oh my goodness MeadowHELL on a saturday! You're a brave woman! Love the bag, just trying to make my first bag too, did you line it or put any vilene in it?
Rosie x

Miss sew n sew said...

Your chairs have turned out great very practical choice and pretty too like me I have to have everything matching! Your bags great I like the fabric.Hope you have a fantastic holiday look forward to hearing about it.

Curlew Country said...

I'm all for pink, especially with boys, keeps them in touch with their feminine side! What lovely chairs, the oilcloth looks fabulous.
Btw, this is probably bad for your purse but Ikea are delivering now we discovered. I couldn't drag Woody there for love nor money but he was happy to order online. A bit better to stop the impulse buying I can't resist there but still very tempting! Have a smashing week.

quiltdude said...

loving the pink spots, men just don't understand!
X Clare

prettyshabby said...

yay for pink! and a bigger yay for pink polka dots!
Thank heaven for oilcloth..boys and ketchup..not a good mix as my carpets and chairs seem to find out on a regular basis (even found some on the cat do they get it everywhere?!)
Love seeing glimpses of your looks really pretty and very glamorous!love the new bag too!

driftwood said...

love the bag!
and those chair covers are great! perfect for getting ketchup on..

pink-petal-designs said...

Hi Nat, im all for pink!! love your new chair covers, your bag looks great. Have a geat time on your hols!
Sarah xx

Pixiedust said...

There must be a chair covering bug going round, as we've just started to do our chairs too. Love the bag, that fabrics great.

shabby chic said...

Hi Natalie,
You did a fab job with the chairs and they look lovely. I love your bag too, you clever little thing!. I think I would have a million bags if I could make one!.

X Dom

Tracy said...

Hi! You have a lovely blog! Love all pink...And being a bag-maker myself, I must say your bag is absolutely delightful--very summery! Happy Days :o)

Fabric and Bags said...

Hi Natalie
I love the bag, very fresh and summery. As a fellow Northern Belles blooger I have taken the liberty of tagging you on my own blog and would appreciate if you could go check it out on

Lace Threads said...

I have the same CK print, but not in the oilcloth - it's really pretty on the chairs. And I love your bag. I'll have to post a pic of my first bag sometime soon - it's addictive. I want to make another one now.
And I think pink is fab too. Caroline x

twiggypeasticks said...

Nice bag, your chairs look great, pink is a great colour!
Twiggy x

Katherines Dream said...

I love your bag, I have some Cabbages & Roses material waiting to be made into a nice bag!
Your chairs look very pretty, I hope that you show us the new blind soon! I have been not done much sewing lately and when I see that you girls have been busy I feel a bit guilty.
All the men and little men in my house love pink!!!
Carol xx

The Fairy Glade said...

Men just don't inderstand the pink thing do they..mine would rather stick needles in his eyes than let me paint anything pink! He was nearly apoplectic when my daughter suggested that he paint his beloved land rover fuschia pink..can't think what all the fuss is about! Love the bag too and making one with the help of a friend and yes it has pink lining and pink fairies on a blue background.

Vanessa said...

Hi Natalie,

Just to let you know I have tagged you, the rules are on my blog!

I hope you don't mind and I hope you have not had to do it before.

I might see you over the weekend, as we are coming up to Filey!

Vanessa x


There is nothing wrong with a bit of 'girls rule' in the house I would say. Lovely practical bag too, and a magnetic clasp would be good, you don't want people like us nosing inside! x

mollycupcakes said...

Hey Nat,
Love the bag and chairs just lovely.
I've tagged you sweetie so pop over and have a look at my blog.


Catherine x

wendster said...

I love the pink polka dot cushions and don't notice the puckering as "puckering" but as thickness rippling. Just ripple-y and I think they look very professional.
Beware. I am ready to sneak over to your house and snag your bag. I LOVE it. Excellent choice of fabrics and so bright and summery.
In the last post about the birthdays and cricket did I understand you to say that you sat out in the yard til 9:30 ... til the sun went down? Does it wait til 9:30 to go down? It was like that when I worked in Wyoming ... I guess you are on a rather northern latitude, yes?
Oh, and I loved those cupcakes and chocolate rolls in the little tin for your niece. I just SO love those.
Right now my hubby is without a job ... so it always tweaks my heart a bit when I see something I want to buy. But we'll get back on our feet eventually, and when we do I have some shopping I want to do. I hope when I have money again you make cupcakes to sell again because they are really cute.

prettyshabby said...

hello again Natalie..just to let you know Ive tagged you hope you dont mind! The 5 questions are over at my blog

prettyshabby said...

oops just realised youve already been tagged! can i pass it on to someone else?

Curlew Country said...

Hi Natalie
Glad you're enjoying I Capture the Castle. (Did you see Ballet Shoes on TV at Christmas - wonderful and although I've never read it, it's in a smiliar vein).
I'm reading a lot of non-fiction at the moment because it's so easy to dip in and out of, being short of time. Have you read The Magic Apple Tree by Susan Hill? It's amazing. Fabulous account of a year in the life of an Oxfordshire village. So wonderful, it'll be one of my favourites forever. Rather similar is Perch Hill, that I've just started, by Adam Nicolson (husband of TV gardener Sarah Raven). Really evocative and a great read. I love the Miss Read Chirstmas Collection too and might have a try of her other stories. Really gentle, nothing major happens but she paints wonderful pictures in your mind and that's what I need after a busy day!
Have a lovely Bank Holiday.
P.S Kim ( has just written a lovely post about some wonderful books, might be just what you're looking for!

sharie said...

Hi, I love your blog. You're not the only one at the renovation game and I know how busy you are but I've been tagged and looking for victims..
Hope you've not been done before.
1 What were you doing 10 years ago.
2. 5 things on my to do list today
3,Snacks I enjoy
4. Things I would do if I were a millionaire
5. Places I have lived
6 tag 6 other people

Wild Rose said...

Hi Natalie

I love your bag! Perfect for those bits and pieces that you want to carry with you and ideal for a summer by the sea.

Enjoy your bank holiday weekend.

Marie x

Josie said...

the bag looks great! can't wait for the next photo in 'corners of my home' I've just tagged you with 35 questions to answer! Josie x
ps, I'm ok ,thanks for asking

The Fairy Glade said...

Hi Natalie, I have tagged you today. If you not sure of the rules, check out details in my blog. DevX

Jennie said...

Loving the pink chairs! Typhoon is great isn't it? I have yet to buy anything though, I just browse!
I love your bag, well done!

Ginger said...

I love pink to.I think i would paint back of chair a white can even do dot a dots cover spots with masking tape then spray. hugs

Misc. Muse said...

I love all your pink and your new bag- anything with roses. I have roses- burgandy all over our bedroom then my doll collection, I didn't think about it, I said to dh probably too girly isn't it- he said he didn't care. I agree with you on the mustard color- for so many yrs every places we moved had a wall or something that color- I had to get rid of it.