Monday, 12 May 2008

A Perfect Weekend

We have just returned from what I can only describe as a perfect weekend. It started on Friday when we headed back over to Sheffield to see my family, which was lovely - it was especially nice to see my niece Sophia again, as we haven't seen her since Christmas (she is 9 months old). My mum had made this lovely rag doll for Georgia, she had made me one when I was 9 years old - except mine didn't have legs! - Mum tried to pass it off as a nightdress case, but I was relieved to see that Georgia's did indeed have legs, which were clothed in lovely rose print panaloons. While we were in South Yorkshire we had a few other jobs to do, such as a visit to the dentist (no work needed) and a visit to our accountant to drop off all the books I finished the other week.

On Saturday, Tim and I had the luxury of a whole day together alone - Tim's Dad offered to babysit, so we headed off to Meadowhall to get a few bits for our holiday - It was lovely to wander around, without children, as all of you with children will appreciate - clothes shopping and children don't mix! - After shopping, we called in at a lovely country pub for a spot to eat and a glass of wine before heading back at about 9.30pm - where we sat in the garden until it went so dark we couldn't see - we had a great laugh watching some home videos from the 80's and 90's - I kept my eyes peeled for anything that might be worth £250 on you've been framed but no such luck!

Sunday, was of course Georgia's 2nd Birthday and we couldn't have asked for better weather - We headed off to Rosehill Park in Rotherham for a birthday picnic and quite a few games of cricket - It was quite simply a perfect day - We went well equipped with lounger chairs, umbrella, picnic table and loads of food and stayed in the park until about 7.30pm. Great Grandma Mary (Tim's stepmums mum) was the best - at 86 years old she was our cricket teams star fielder - I only hope I am that agile at 86! - Georgia had loads of lovely presents and the homemade cakes and tea set went down really well (especially with the adults).

So we are now back at home in Filey and looking forward to lots more sunny days! Hope you all had a good weekend and enjoyed the weather too - I will be posting another corner of my home later in the week - Thanks for reading - Natalie x


pink-petal-designs said...

Hi Nat, sounds like you all had a really good time! Love the doll.
Catch up soon.
Sarah x

quiltdude said...

Hi, thanks for leaving me a nice comment. Sounds like you had a lovely weekend, the sunshine certainly helps doesn't it.
Love your cup cakes, I have a tin just like yours, sadly it's empty.
Love looking inside your home too, very inspirational.
X Clare

Pixiedust said...

Sounds like a great weekend Nat. Happy Birthday Georgia. Those cakes look good enough to eat!

Jennie said...

Aww Happy bleated birthday to Georgia!! I'm glad she had a lovely time!
The doll and the cakes are fabulous!


Look at that ragdoll, so sweet for a little girl of two. Looks like Georgia was having fun on her birthday and the adults too. I love the knitted chocolate mini rolls, they are so clever. x

Vintage Amethyst said...

Sounds like a wonderful weekend & Happy Birthday to little Georgia.
Love Alison x

Debbie said...

Hi Natalie :) I was worried for a bit there as you disapeared!! Sorry to hear you have a cold, hope you get better soon - sounds as though youve had a lovely weekend :D

Take care

Brigitta said...

This really does sound like a lovely weekend Natalie! And a belated happy Birthday for your little girl!

shabby chic said...

HI Natalie,
Yes going out without children is bliss!, I swing my arms and feel free( sorry kids!).
Sounds like you both had a lovely time, it is nice to go shopping without children as they just dont like it like we do!
georgia sounds like she had a great birthday, those tin of knitted cakes look so lovely. The rag doll is lovely , your mum is very clever & good at making things like you too.
take care x Dom

jessica daisy said...

Sounds like you had a lovely weekend, Happy Birthday to little Georgia!

Lace Threads said...

Your cakes are so lovely, and I've enjoyed reading about your weekend. Thank you.

Garden girl said...

Your weekend looks perfect! Good for Grandma, I say, and very glad the new dolly had legs as well..x

driftwood said...

what a lovely weeekend!

Suzie Sews said...

Sounds like a great weekend, everyone loves very happy!!!

periwinkle said...

Happy belated birthday to Georgia, looks like it was definately a good weekend. Shopping without kids -- oh i wish.
Lisa x

julia said...

Sounds like a fab weekend, and a happy birthday to your daughter!
Our camping table is just a cheapo folding table that I stapled some oilcloth to, much prettier!
Julia x

karen said...

Thanks for the lovely comment you left on my blog It's always a bit of a confidence boost for me.
I have enjoyed taking a peep at your too and I'll be sure to check back regularly.

Penny said...

those cakes look good enough to eat! Sounds like a really great weekend!

Anonymous said...

Love the rag doll. Just stumbled across you & laughed when I saw where you are. I did my first ever teaching placement in Filey & am off to Scarboro' next weekend! Hope the sun's still shining!
Chris x

sa said...