Thursday, 31 July 2008

Cups, Cushions and Crochet!

At the weekend, Tim's Dad and Step mum came through again to see us for a couple of days - We had a lovely time, exploring Scarborough's Italian Gardens, eating fish & chips and sitting in the sun - Saturday was glorious weather, but unfortuntely I forgot to take the camera, never mind, I really enjoyed the Italian Gardens and am sure I will be going there again before the summer is out. The Gardens are located just off Scarborough's Esplanade and not far from the building where they film 'The Royal' on ITV. Sunday was a different thing altogether, a really bad sea mist hung over Filey all day - The beach was packed, but it was like sunbathing in thick fog - you couldn't see more than 10 metres in front of you, so there was no point in taking any pictures.

However, Terry and Sue came bearing gifts, and for me, were these 8 lovely pink floral mugs. I have put 4 under this little cabinet that hangs in the kitchen and the other 4 are hanging from my other little kitchen shelf. They look lovely and are really nice to drink from too.

Next Saturday, will be my niece Sophia's 1st Birthday and we will all be travelling through to Sheffield for her party. I know she has loads of clothes (because I pass a lot on to her!) and I'm sure she is not short of toys either, so I decided I wanted to make her something she could keep. I made her this cushion onto which I have appliqued her name, and trimmed it with cream lace and some little dragon fly motifs - I am really pleased with how it has turned out and I hope my sis likes it too!

For a long time now, I have wanted to learn to crochet, but the time has never been right, however I am determined this time, and armed with these 2 books I have been practising away. I am a fairly accomplished knitter (my mum taught me at a very young age and I remember making my first item of clothing - a maroon tank top at the age of 10) but trying to learn crochet from a book is harder than I thought. I did however manage to make this little heart using this pattern

I don't know how i managed it, and lets just say it didn't look very 'heart-shaped' until I blocked it, but its a start!
The lovely Lucy over at Attic 24 has been very helpful, giving me tips on which yarns are best to use - so all I need to do now is keep on practising. I am aiming to make heaps of ripple and granny square blankets for this winter, when I can't afford to have the gas on!
Hope you all enjoy the last day of July and I'll be back in a couple of days
Natalie x


Country Bliss said...

That's a beautiful cushion you've made I'm sure it'll be cherished. Well done learning to crochet, your going to need plenty of blankets as, by the sound of the news today, none of us are going to afford heating!!

Pixiedust said...

The mugs are lovely and look so pretty hung on that cabinet. Good luck with tye crochet. I think I need to learn can't afford to put the gas on either.

Miss 376 said...

What a beautiful cushion, I am sure they will be delighted with it. Good luck with the crochet, I'd love to be able to follow a crochet pattern

sharie said...

Lovely cushion and the mugs hanging from your little cupboard look good too.

Rosie said...

Thats a great cushion Natalie, lovely work. I love making those hearts from Bella Dia, they make great bunting.

driftwood said...

the cushion is gorgeous, I'm sure she'll love it! the heart is great too, my only ever attempt at crochet resulted in a huge tangle!

Carolyn said...

Hi Natalie, thanks for dropping by at my place :-)
what a beautiful birthday gift, a personal gift will always be treasured for life. I like the mugs, they look beautiful!

Josie said...

what a lovely cushion, I'm sure she will treasure it. Let us know how the crocheting goes, well done on learning, I can't even knit!
Josie x

fiveminutesmore said...

I just wanted to say hi and what a nice blog! I'd love to crochet too but i can't knit yet so I expect I'd be hopeless

Lucy @ Attic24 said...

oh Natalie, you did the heart!!!!!!!! Well done hun, am so pleased it's clickin in to place for you, AM thrilled actually!
You'll be hooked now, literally, once you get into the Granny squares you won't be able to stop.
Have fun!
Lucy @ Attic24

Lucy @ Attic24 said...

oh, and meant to say that the cushion is gorgeous, very beautiful indeed.

LOUISE said...

They sure knew those mugs were going to be your cup of tea! They look just the part. Love the cushion you have so specially made for your niece. Well done on perfecting the art of crochet too. x

Garden Girl said...

Natalie, you and Lovely Lucy have inspired me to finally dig out my crochet book and have a go- if only so I can make loads of those hearts!! they and your granny squares are beautiful! well done, clever girl xx

sa said...