Sunday, 21 September 2008

Finally! - Bo Bo's Bedroom

Finally, after a couple of months, Bo Bo's room is finally finished - well, I say finished - I still have to put a few pictures on the wall, but I always find that bit the hardest and it seems to take the longest.

The lamp I made by glueing all different scraps of fabric (cut with pinking shears) onto an old white shade, then finished off the edge with a pom pom trim

And here is a little unit that is above her cot

All in all I'm really pleased with how it has turned out, the wallpaper on the chimney breast wall is 'Summer Palace' by Laura Ashley, as is the Roman Blind. I am going to have a picture of Bo Bo with her brothers blown up and made into a canvas to go above the 'fireplace'.
I must add however that a fair few toys have to be removed from the room prior to photographing for the sake of 'styling' which included a bright pink plastic motorbike, a bright pink little tikes car and a bright yellow mini plastic patio chair, which I'm sure you will agree you would never see in an ideal home spread!
Moving on, last night we were fed up of being in the house and decided to go down to the harbour at Scarborough for a wander around - that's the beauty of living by the sea, a ten minute car journey and you almost feel like you are on holiday yourself

This first picture was taken of the harbour as we arrived, you might just be able to see the castle up on the hill

But it wasn't long before it became dark, and this is the harbour again at night time. We headed back to the bright lights for some Harry Ramsdens fish and chips, a couple of pounds worth of 2p's played on the slots and a ride on the merry-go-round

Not quite the Saturday nights of old - but still sounds like a great night out to me!
Natalie x
P.S. - If anyone is wondering, we always refer to Georgia as 'Bo Bo' - Bo is her middle name (as in Bo Derek) but since the day she could talk she has always called herself Bo Bo and boy has it stuck!


Josie said...

the room looks lovely, especially the lampshade, what a great idea!
I know what you mean about
'styling' a room, when I did the spare bedroom, what you didn't see was hubby's side, a storage trunk suitcases and dirty washing!
Josie x

MelMel said...

Hello...i love your shade!
Think i may try that!
Her room in so pretty well done have a good eye....!!!

MelMel said...

We really have....glad to be home missed my things round me!
Bit like Mary Kate!
they are lovely candles...the smell is wonderful even when not burning!
we got it on a specail its a new one!
Hope you have had a good day?xxx

julia said...

A gorgeous room for a gorgeous girl! I curse the plastic c**p that fills our home but deep down I'm glad it's there because I know all too soon they'll grow out of it and become teenagers - yikes!
Julia xx

Jennie said...

aww the room looks fabulous!! So so pretty!

(and Scarborough looks pretty too!)

periwinkle said...

Her room looks lovely, very girlie. I don't know anyone that has children and doesn't have plastic toys of some description.. Good idea for the lampshade too
Lisa x

Alchamillamolly said...

Love the room - especially the lampshade - I bet we'll all be out there now with our pinking shears and glue! Thanks for the mannequin info I shall have a scout along the top road - I love the shops there we will go on a Saturday or maybe a midweek day and have a Bothams breakfast! trouble is then you cant eat fish and chips. Ny brother and his wife called yesterday and they live at Marske by Sea they popped to Whitby the other day at about 4.30 and had alovely evening - it grieves me nw that I lve here its over an hour to get there so theres no popping! I grew up looking at the sea every day and I do miss it very much. The curtains were Montgomery (50% off) my trat to me when I moved - as an ex- curtain maker I am embarrassed to admit I didint make them myself!

Kim McBirnie said...

That dress is fab, isn't it? I think I bought it because I'd like to wear it myself, so I live vicariously by putting it on Anna instead!
I'm glad no-one has declared me insane after the clock post - I guess I was wondering if anyone else had anything similar. I have a friend who is a psychologist and closet psychic - she's done house readings for our friends before, but I daren't ask her to take a look at the clock! I can live with grumpy (got 2 children after all) but anything else and it may have to go!
When we were children we used to go to Filey every summer but I've not been in years - strangely enough I now live closer, seven miles out of Hull - so we really ought to. Your shop looks like the kind of place that would definately drag me in for a closer look.
Kim xx

prettyshabby said...

ooh preeeeeeeeetty! what a gorgeous room..
oh and I'm dead impressed by the way you taught yourself to crochet..I think I need a capricorn to teach me..!

Country Bliss said...

The room looks so pretty, I've been wanting to make a patchwork lampshade but wasn't sure if you just use PVA glue.

Chocolate Cat said...

What a beautiful room. It is all just perfect. Congratulations!

Daisys Little Cottage said...

Lucky Bo Bo...that room is adorable and I am swooping over that wallpaper! Nice jb Mum.

saraeden said...

What a lovely girlie bedroom ! I love the wallpaper in fact i love all of it !!

Sara x

Andrea said...

OOOHH, any tips on covering Lamp Shades will be gratefully received!! The Room looks stunning, well done! x

Katherines Dream said...

Bo Bo's room looks very pretty and the lamp shade is a brilliant idea !
I would love so much to be able to just hop in the car for a 10 min drive and a lovely evening stroll by the sea...bliss!
Carol x

Lesley (Notesfrommydays) said...

gorgeous gorgeous room I would sleep in it myself :-) lucky you being close to the sea - I can't wait to get my holiday house project underway and buy one so I can eat fish and chips on the beach :-)
Lesley x

Lace hearts said...

I love that paper so much, and you've made it looks stunning in the room. I've been meaning to try doing a lampshade like this - yours looks gorgeous.

Tracey said...

A wonderful room your Daughter has,

I too feel the same about going down to the beach, it was just like a holiday, as i grew up in Littlehampton ,west sussex, only short walk away,even in winter walking along the sand.
I sadly do miss it as been up north some time now,

Wonderful blog, Thankyou