Sunday, 14 September 2008

Sunday Ramblings

Hi Everyone
Well, surprisingly its a beautiful sunny Sunday here in Filey, after all the recent rain, its lovely to see the sunshine, but unfortunately it will be just through the windows today as I have loads to do in the house, and I have just seen hubby carrying his toolbox into Georgia's room, which can only mean that he is going to change her window. When that is done, I promise I will post lots of pictures of her room, you will recall that decorating it was a mammoth job, involving taking all the plaster off right down to the wooden framework. I have shown you snippets, but have held off showing you the whole room until the final bit (i,e the window) was completed.
Yesterday we had a lovely day visiting York. It is three years since we bought any new bedding for our bed, so I picked up this lovely set in BHS.

Even lovelier was that it was discounted when I took it to the checkout. Sorry the pictures are so dark, but I took them late last night. the bedding has really vibrant embroidery on it, and I think it will look lovely with some Cath Kidston floral pillowcases behind the main pair.
While I'm at it, I also wanted to show you this lovely mannequin I picked up in a quaint little shop in Whitby. Georgia refers to it as 'Lady no 'ed' so that it how she is known now. It is my intention to pin all my brooches etc onto it - pretty isn't she?

A week or so ago I was tagged by Joanne and have to tell you 6 quirky facts about myself - I can't promise they will be wildy exciting, but here goes!

1. I am such a light sleeper that I simply cannot sleep without earplugs, years ago, when there was a spate of car crime on the estate where I lived, I was always the one able to give a statement to the police, because I only had to hear something on the street at an unearthly hour and I was out of bed to see what it was!

2. I have had a baby in the 7lb range (Callum 7lb 10), in the 8lb range (Georgia 8lb 4) and the 9lb range (Nathaniel 9lb 2)

3. I love to run, I have a treadmill in my bedroom (OK so I wish it wasn't in my bedroom and I am thinking of places to re-locate it to) I try to run at least 2 miles a day, usually uphill for extra pain!

4. 18 years ago I was a WAG - my boyfriend at the time never made it into the first team, but during that time I met Gazza and went to a party at Vinnie Jones house.

5. When I was 14 I won a competition in the local paper and became their 'Junior Editor of the Year' I really wanted to become a journalist, but that dream died when I left school and realised that if I got a job I could earn money right away. Funnily enough, my Eldest Callum now dreams of being a sports reporter for a national newspaper so I will encourage him all I can.

6. I have to wash my hair every day, it is very fine and looks greasy really quickly, I am jealous of anyone who only has to wash their hair every 3 days or so!

So there - not that fascinating. I am now supposed to pass this on to 6 other bloggers, so I will hand the baton to Tracy, Josie, Lucy, Jessica, Julia and Debbie
See you all later in the week
Natalie x


Debbie said...

cool facts :D Will do mine tomorrow when i have a chance to think on my random things :D

Lovely bedding and that mannequin is fab!


Josie said...

the bedding looks great and I will do the random facts when I come back off holiday.
Josie x

Carolyn said...

hi natalie, visiting u here today :-) i love the bedding, its really my type ;-), it cost alot here. I wish someday i will have this kind of bedding

Alchamillamolly said...

Hi did you get the mannequin from a shop on the top road where Bothams Bakery is?? I saw some there but the shop was closed? Lovely to see you and the children when we were in Filey - we had lovely day there

Vanessa said...

Sunny in Filey!

My Mum & Dad were in Filey so you were not seeing things the other day!

I liked your intersting facts, but running 2 miles uphill everyday wow!

Vanessa x

Debbies-English-Treasures said...

Your new bedding and manequin are lovely!
I enjoyed reading your facts...
Debbie Moss

Hope you have a lovely week ahead!

periwinkle said...

lovely bedding... I have quite fine hair too, my tip is to tie it back in a ponytail at the bottom of your neck and just wash the top of your head -- I can hear you saying whhaaat, it works when you are in a rush - honestly :-)
lisa x

Andrea said...

Eveyone seems to be getting some really lovely things at the moment from BHS...except me! Our store is horrid, or it used to be! Maybe I should go along and take another look! Really LOVE the Bedding! Andrea x

MelMel said...

I've added you as one of my fave blogs!
love the tailors dummy...i'm after one of them...
Also we share the same problem with our hair...such a pain...and i go thru hairdryers very quickly...aiming to get one of those fast dry ones..but they cost loads!!!!!!!!
Did you got to cath in york??xxxxx

Miss sew n sew said...

Love your purchases looking forward to the pics of Georgias room!
Enjoyed your facts Vinnie Jones party must of been good!

serendipitylovesnewyork said...

Natalie, thankyou so much for the wonderful pressies, you are very generous, I love them both. The colour is perfect for my kitchen and I will blog about it very soon. Thanks again....Claire xx