Monday, 19 May 2008

New kitchen chairs & My new bag

I decided it was about time my kitchen chairs were recovered (again!) - The last covers had been on for almost 18 months and were a rather unsuitable colour choice of cream - 3 children flinging ketchup coated oven chips around and cream chairs don't mix! - I thought that oilcloth would be much more practical and so ordered this fetching pink spot from Cath Kidston. All in all, I am fairly pleased with the result, there is quite a bit of puckering where it bends around the corners, but the oilcloth is so thick, I think it is only to be expected. Lets see how well these covers do. When hubby saw them, he said to the boys "Hmm have you noticed boys how rather a lot of pink seems to be creeping into the kitchen?" (nodding towards the Typhoon mixing bowls, pink spot oven gloves, pink pasta container, and now... kitchen chairs) - It wasn't such a surprise to him then when I commented that our chairs now no longer matched with the roman blinds, and I would have to make some new ones!

Here is a bag I made last week, it is my first attempt at a bag and I think its great, I have my handbag, but generally take a load of other stuff with me to work such as any knitting I have on the go, reading book, notebook, diary - you get my drift. I made the bag with 2 hardwearing cottons I sell in my shop - all that is missing is a magnetic clasp I think.

Hope you are all enjoying the weather - I have been busy sorting and getting organised for our holiday in 10 days (can't wait). I had took another photo for 'corners of my home' but due to the bright sunshine this evening, the photo has come out too dark so I will try again another day - Natalie x

Monday, 12 May 2008

A Perfect Weekend

We have just returned from what I can only describe as a perfect weekend. It started on Friday when we headed back over to Sheffield to see my family, which was lovely - it was especially nice to see my niece Sophia again, as we haven't seen her since Christmas (she is 9 months old). My mum had made this lovely rag doll for Georgia, she had made me one when I was 9 years old - except mine didn't have legs! - Mum tried to pass it off as a nightdress case, but I was relieved to see that Georgia's did indeed have legs, which were clothed in lovely rose print panaloons. While we were in South Yorkshire we had a few other jobs to do, such as a visit to the dentist (no work needed) and a visit to our accountant to drop off all the books I finished the other week.

On Saturday, Tim and I had the luxury of a whole day together alone - Tim's Dad offered to babysit, so we headed off to Meadowhall to get a few bits for our holiday - It was lovely to wander around, without children, as all of you with children will appreciate - clothes shopping and children don't mix! - After shopping, we called in at a lovely country pub for a spot to eat and a glass of wine before heading back at about 9.30pm - where we sat in the garden until it went so dark we couldn't see - we had a great laugh watching some home videos from the 80's and 90's - I kept my eyes peeled for anything that might be worth £250 on you've been framed but no such luck!

Sunday, was of course Georgia's 2nd Birthday and we couldn't have asked for better weather - We headed off to Rosehill Park in Rotherham for a birthday picnic and quite a few games of cricket - It was quite simply a perfect day - We went well equipped with lounger chairs, umbrella, picnic table and loads of food and stayed in the park until about 7.30pm. Great Grandma Mary (Tim's stepmums mum) was the best - at 86 years old she was our cricket teams star fielder - I only hope I am that agile at 86! - Georgia had loads of lovely presents and the homemade cakes and tea set went down really well (especially with the adults).

So we are now back at home in Filey and looking forward to lots more sunny days! Hope you all had a good weekend and enjoyed the weather too - I will be posting another corner of my home later in the week - Thanks for reading - Natalie x