Friday, 21 May 2010

I'm Back!

Well, Its been a while since I blogged, 4 months to be more precise - Where is this year going? it seems to be flying by at a rate of knots. There have been many reasons for my prolonged absence - work and settling back into a routine at Doncaster have been mainly to blame, but also, for a while, I think I lost my sense of 'self' - All of a sudden 'Summer By The Sea' didn't seem so apt and I almost felt like I had nothing left to blog about. But then I realized that whilst my location may have changed, I hadn't and I still do all the things I did before, only a little more inland, so while my posts may still be sporadic, I will try to post regularly as I do miss all your comments and friendship!
I won't bore you with the day job, but I have been very busy setting up my new Ebay shop 'Pretty*Lifestyles'

Here I will be selling a variety of Shabby Chic, French Style items all of which must firstly be 'pretty' enough to grace my site!

Since the site is very new, I really need to get some feedback behind me, so for a short time, anyone who buys from my shop will receive a free gift as a thank you for helping me to build my feedback - How can you resist?

You can find my shop here
We have also been very busy with our other business 'Georgia Bo Interiors' - we are planning an overhaul of the website soon - updating it with some new colours, photos and fabrics - we stock a lot of made to measure curtains that are available from Next and M&S and seem to be doing quite well off the back of that - Our curtains are made in exactly the same place as theirs are, to the same high quality only ours are more competitively priced.
Last week saw my little girl turn 4 - I can't believe how quickly the last 4 years have gone by - she starts school in September - already! - it feels far too soon although she is more than ready.

She was very pleased with her 'Rock Star' guitar!
Finally, my hubbie has also been busy building a course, bringing together his 20+ years of experience, the next 'Success Mentor' course will run in June, so If you know anyone who would benefit from a little direction in their lives or help to succeed and make the most of their life - point them in Tim's direction - you can find out more about Success Mentor here
Anyway, thats enough for today - But I promise I will be back soon
Natalie x


Josie said...

welcome back to blogland! thanks for commenting on my recent post.

Josie x

Sewn Up said...

glad to see your back in blog land, hope to see more blogs soon. Tracy x

Shabby Chick said...

Hi Natalie

Lovely to see you back, isn't your daughter lovely! I was so apprehensive when my daughter started school but it's been the making of her, she is so much more confident and happy now.

Just had a peep in your ebay shop (as I can't stay away from ebay anyway!), wow you have some stunning florals. Normally I would jump at the chance to buy but I am *cough* over my overdraft limit *cough* so I darent't buy anything until after payday!!! It's my eldest's 5th birthday a week today and we still have to buy all the party food etc so I have not a penny to spare at the moment :-S

But I will be sure to buy from you soon and have added you to my favourite sellers, I hope you will do really really well.

Mel xxx

Twyla and Lindsey said...

Your little girl is a cutie! Sometimes it is hard to keep up with our blogs with all the other demands of daily life. Glad you are back. Have a nice weekend! Twyla

Curlew Country said...

Hi Natalie, thanks for your lovley comments.

About the medieval fiction I'm not sure if you're read Sharon Penman or Elizabeth Chadwick books?

They're amazingly well written and really bring the period to life. I love Sharon's Welsh trilogy (Here Be Dragons, The Reckoning and Falls the Shadow) and her Justin de Quincy mysteries. Elizabeth's books begin with The Wild Hunt and there are many to follow, moving from historical romances to more historical sagas. Briliant.

Both authors have websites. Hope you enjoy them.

John'aLee said...

Love your shabby chic goodies!